Bridal Jewelry Pearls Rhinestones 14k Gold Earring White Majorica Pink Girl

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"Bridal jewelry Pearls Rhinestones and gold earrings - 14K Gold plated earrings with white Majorica perfect pink pearls.

Elegant and chic real Majorica pearls drop shape about 30.5 mm long, the earrings are high quality excelent quality gold plating the Rhinestones is cz rhinestone clear champagne color.
Majorica is the brand name given to non organic man-made imitation pearls made in the island of Majorca, Spain. Produced by Majorica, S.A. (a Spanish company) on the Spanish island of Majorca in the Mediterranean since 1890, Majorica pearls have a closer resemblance to natural pearls, than many other types of imitation pearl. Pearls jewelry, always Elegant And Sophisticated, for your wedding day,special occasions or just to be the classic woman you are !
-Please notice that pearls does not like perfume, when wearing perfume don't spray directly on the

Product Sku: EPEY100

Bridal Jewelry Pearls Rhinestones 14k Gold Earring White Majorica Pink Girl

Rhinestone jewelry Romantic Shabby chic vintage style

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I design shabby chic romantic, vintage style jewelry inspired by my grandmother and my mother's jewelry box, I love optimistic pastel colors and vintage materials my style is shabby chic romantic, vintage .
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