Item collection 7135810 original

Bridal Crystal Earrings Silver Plated Oxidized Swarovski Wedding Women Bride


Item collection 7134219 original

Black Diamonds Swarovski Gift Woman Crystal Bride Jewelry Earrings Wedding


Item collection 7134284 original

Mint Crystal Gold Earrings 14k Women Swarovski Wedding Bride Women Jewelry


Item collection 7134268 original

Vintage Rose Turquoise Earrings Victorian Shabby Chic Style 14k Gold Wedding


Item collection 7134275 original

Jewelry Gold Earrings 14k Gold Plated Earrings Faceted Swarovski Rhinestone


Item collection 7134288 original

Mint Gold Earrings 14k Plated Faceted Swarovski Wedding Jewelry Women Brides


Item collection 7134607 original

Bow Pearl Earrings Mint Silver Majorica Jewelry Bridal Wedding Jewelry Bride


Item collection 7134614 original

Flor De Lis Brown Pearl Earrings Jewelry Rhodium Brass Cz Zirconia Swarovski


Item collection 7134617 original

Blue Rhinestone Majorica Pearl Jewelry Bridal Rhodium Plated Brass Earrings


Item collection 7135723 original

Blue Teal Rhinestone Swarovski Crystal Christmas Gift Silver Plated Earrings


Item collection 7135728 original

Women Girl Pink Silver Earrings Crystal Oxidized Real Swarovski Rhinestones


Item collection 7135735 original

Pink Black Swarovski Hook Earrings Gift For Woman Oxidized Silver Rhinestone


Item collection 7135739 original

Black Pink Rhinestone Statement Earrings Oxidized Silver Plating Swarovski


Item collection 7135743 original

Rose Light Pink Teardrop Oxidized Silver Earrings Swarovski Weddings Womens


Item collection 7135754 original

Emerald Earrings Silver Weddings Jewelry Women Oxidized Swarovski Crystal


Item collection 7135761 original

Weddings Jewelry Women Stud Blue Teardrop Silver Earrings Swarovski Crystal


Item collection 7135775 original

Blue Aqua Black Swarovski Leverback Earrings Woman Oxidized Silver Weddings


Item collection 7135782 original

Silver Gemstone Crystal Leverback Earrings Bridal Jewelry Sillver Swarovski


Item collection 7135789 original

Rhinestone Statement Stud Earrings - Oxidized Silver Plating Swarovski Earrings


Item collection 7135797 original

Crystal Elegant Rhinestone Earrings Silver Plated Swarovski Wedding Women


Item collection 7135801 original

Purple Silver Rhinestone Earring Oxidized Swarovski Wedding Women Bride Gift


Item collection 7135820 original

Turquoise Oval Stud Earring Silver Plated Gold Swarovski Rhinestones Wedding


Item collection 7135824 original

Pink Turquoise Teardrop Stud Silver Earrings Wedding Women Bride Swarovski


Item collection 7135838 original

Pink Crystal Oval Stud Earrings Silver Earrings Swarovski Women Wedding Gift


Item collection 7135846 original

Silver Green Majorica Pearl Earrings Woman Rhodium Silver Zirconia Metallic


Item collection 7135851 original

Pink Woman Wedding Gift White Silver Bridal Stud Earrings Oxidized Swarovski


Item collection 7135863 original

Turquoise Silver Earring Crystal Earrings Woman Wedding Swarovski Jewelry


Item collection 7135870 original

Silver Earrings Woman Wedding Jewelry Oxidized Swarovski Crystals Bride Gift


Item collection 7138050 original

Swarovski Turquoise Pink Studs Bridesmaids Earrings Bridal Jewelry Silver


Item collection 7138058 original

Women Jewelry Orange Turquoise Earrings Swarovski Crystal Bridal 14k Gold


Item collection 7138077 original

Pink Gold Majorica Pearl Earrings Bridesmaid Jewelry 14k Vermeil Gold Spring


Item collection 7138125 original

Wedding Bridel Elizabeth Green Aquamarine Gem Stone Earrings Vintage Women


Item collection 7138130 original

Elizabeth Blue Sea Foam Aqua Marine Gem Stone Earrings Vintage Elegant Girl


Item collection 7139219 original

Women Jewelry Bridal Pearls Gold Earring Goldfield Majorica Perfect Round


Item collection 7139230 original

Bridal Jewelry Pearls Rhinestones 14k Gold Earring White Majorica Pink Girl


Item collection 7139243 original

Opal Earrings Blue Aqua Bridesmaids 14k Gold Filled Crown Seafoam Stone Girl


Item collection 7139249 original

Golden Studs White Druzy Wedding Earrings 14k Gold Crown Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 7139254 original

Women Gold Blue Druzy Shiny Stone Goldfield 14k Elegant Classic Earrings


Item collection 7139260 original

Druzy Studs Earring Blue Aqua Turquoise 14k Gold Crown Lace Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 7139267 original

Black Druzy Studs Earring Green Seafoam 14k Gold Crown Lace Gemstone Jewelry


Item collection 7139272 original

Wedding Women Brides Pearl Gold Tear Drops Earrings Majorica Perfect White


Item collection 7139284 original

Stud Peach Orange Coral Earrings Bride 14k Gold Crown Synthetic Opal Stone


Item collection 7139292 original

Pearls Hearts Bows Real 14k Goldfield Earrings Elegant Classic Style Jewelry


Item collection 7139297 original

Aqua Blue Druzy Leverback Earrings Jewelry 14k Gold Gemstone Jewelry Wedding


Item collection 7139304 original

Opal Stud Earrings Green Bridesmaids Gift 14k Gold Wedding Jewelry Womens


Item collection 7139320 original

Wedding Women Jewelry Blue Aqua Zircon Stud Earrings 14k Gold Filled Bride


Item collection 7139324 original

Yellow Neon Bow Cz Zirconia Earrings 14k Gold Swarovski Pearls Bride Jewelry


Item collection 7139336 original

Vintage Style Mermaid Earrings 14k Gold Field Hooks Freshwater Pearl Weddingc


Item collection 7139340 original

Pink Rose Quartz Gemstone Bridal Earrings 14k Gold Wedding Jewelry Women


Item collection 7139344 original

Bridal Jewelry Pink Blush Zircon Stud Earrings 14k Gold Filled Woman Brides


Item collection 7139353 original

Woman Jewelry Aquamarine Gemstone Stud Earrings 14k Gold Wedding Bride Aqua


Item collection 7139358 original

Druzy Leverback Earrings Green Seafoam 14k Gold Gemstone Jewelry Bride Gift


Item collection 7139363 original

Rose Earrings 14k Gold Gem Stone Heart Wedding Women Gift Bride Bridal Jewel


Item collection 7139371 original

Stud Druzy Green 14k Gold Plated Gemstone Jewelry Wedding Women Bride Bridal


Item collection 7139382 original

Golden Druzy Stud Pink Earrings 14k Gold Gemstone Jewelry Wedding Women Gift


Item collection 7139393 original

Post Classic Pearls 14k Goldfield Earrings Wedding Women Bride Bridal Gifts


Item collection 7139400 original

Birds On A Wire 14k Gold Hoops Swarovski Crystal White Pearl Dove Earrings


Item collection 7139408 original

Bridal Bridesmaids Jewelry Pearls Gold Earrings 14k White Majorica Weddings


Item collection 7139419 original

Blue Heart Bows Aqua Quartz Earrings 14k Gold Filled Gemstone Wedding Women


Item collection 7139423 original

Earrings Pink Blush Rose Quartz Gemstone Birds Wedding 14k Gold Cz Crystals


Rhinestone jewelry Romantic Shabby chic vintage style

Please note - this is an international transit★★
I design shabby chic romantic, vintage style jewelry inspired by my grandmother and my mother's jewelry box, I love optimistic pastel colors and vintage materials my style is shabby chic romantic, vintage .
I have extensive experience in international shipping to over 50 different countries, excellent customer service and individual attention to each client.
★All jewelry are packed carefully prepared in a Beautiful gift packs★

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